Kevin Gates found himself in a bizarre moment with one of his fans when he kicked them in the face during a recent show.

In a video obtained by SayCheeseTV, the Baton Rouge rapper is seen performing at Club Rumors in Florida when a female fan tugged his shorts. Bothered by the fan's form of endearment, the rapper quickly kicks her in the face. In the past, the rapper has been in trouble with placing his hands on his female fans.

During a show in Flint, MI, the rapper fought two women who were showing him love. The first fan tugged on him during the show, leading to the confrontation. The other fan was elbowed by the rapper for being on stage.

Fans and critics of the rapper are demanding him to apologize for his actions. Many have gone to his social media accounts and posting corn emojis and threatening him for hitting a woman.

See the encounter with the fan above.

Source: SayCheeseTV