UPDATE: Sources from PNB Rock's camp state the rapper wasn't jumped by anyone at the show. A family member of the rapper's group was attacked, leading the rest of the members on stage to fight. While the source says Kur was the one jumped, he has denied the allegations on social media.

A concert in Philadelphia turned violent Saturday evening after "Fleek" rapper PnB Rock was attacked by a group of men after allegedly dissing fellow Philly artist Kur.

The incident, captured by DJ Akademiks, shows the Atlantic records artist speaking about Kur (pronounced "Core") before he walked into the SoundGarden Hall. "I'm not a star cuz that's rats spelled backwards," he allegedly said about Kur. PnB Rock, Kur, and QUILLY were scheduled to perform before the show was cut short. After Rock made his claims about Kur, members of his entourage jumped into the crowd after someone was yanked off the stage. During the brawl, Rock was jumped by several men in the crowd before security broke up the fight and ended the show.

Kur took to Twitter to dispute claims he was the one who fought Rock. He also says he wasn't touched by anyone in the venue by posting a photo without any injuries. He also dropped a potential diss track about Rock titled, "See Thru." The rapper doesn't mention his name, but says "n***** tried to touch me, made them examples." He also repeated Rock's diss towards him by spitting, "rappers talking about backwards, but one month ago they called my phone talking about they don't want no smoke."

Meanwhile, Rock has yet to address the fight and even posted video from his performance on his Instagram page. Check out footage of the fight above and Kur's track here.

Source: DJ Akademiks