R&B Songstress and Atlanta native Monica Brown sat down with DJ Smallz to clarify a statement she made about being a trap queen during Yo Gotti's 2015 birthday bash. While addressing "real b****es" in the crowd, Monica proclaimed, "see before there was a 'trap queen' I was trappin' doing the real thing."

From the short clip many assumed that Monica was validating having dabbled in the trap life while dating in her earlier years. However, she reveals to DJ Smallz that her 'trap life' was fighting to remain true to herself and the culture she came from as a tween. "I was told you can't look like that... what are diamonds in your teeth? What does this tattoo represent?" The "Knock Knock" singer was declaring to other little girls who came from where she did, and who face struggles everyday, that it is possible to be successful just as you are. However, the length of the clip, misconstrued the context of the message.

Hear Monica's full explanation above. For more from DJ Smallz check out his YouTube channel.