After taking a break from her tour for her seventh book and final tell-all story Vindicated, Karrine Steffans was able to settle down and catch up with us for an exclusive interview. The bestselling author revealed that she has suffered from anemia for a majority of her life. The former vixen stated, she had been battling some health issues and chronic sickness as a result of the pregnancy she had not yet disclosed to the public.

Due to her anemia, Steffans tells us that she began having issues with her pregnancy that led to her miscarrying around the close of her first trimester. Still mournful of the recent loss, she elaborates on the trauma of losing her child at home and the aftereffect it had on her body, leaving her immobile and on bed rest. Though she hasn't seen her former lover and now friend Lil Wayne since 2014, Steffans does clear up any preconceived notions of Wayne being the father of the lost child. 

To hear the rest of the story check out the full exclusive in the video above.