Since he's the self-proclaimed "top goon in Philly," rapper Ar-Ab believes Drake mentioned him on "Back to Back" to prove a point to Meek Mill. "He probably did his homework and heard that I run s*** out there," he tells us. Like Cassidy, he felt Meek Mill would've delivered a better diss track than he did given his musical background and hometown. Now he feels Meek Mill has no choice but to continue to fight his battles, being that he started the beef by alleging Drake has a ghostwriter, something he personally doesn't know anything about

Like many, Ar-Ab and his Philly affiliates figured "Wanna Know" was the warm-up, and when this interview was recorded, Meek Mill had yet to respond to Drizzy putting him on blast at OVO Fest. "It might be a little too late, I don't know, man," Ar-Ab expresses. "It depends on how hard he come. He gotta come with some "Ether"-type s***, man."

Find out his opinion on all of the diss tracks released in the past week, as well as if the rumors of him signing to OVO are true in this VladTV exclusive.