Last week Azealia Banks announced her joint tour with K. Michelle has been cancelled due to the singer being "unavailable this Fall." Banks went on to promise her fans that she'd try to keep some of the tour dates in order solo, stating "Mama need that COINt." K. Michelle remained mum on the subject until this weekend, referring to a "Poor Lizard" who "needed them coins." Azealia - a known Twitter personality - caught wind of the comment and decided to call her out, something we've come to expect from the "Ice Princess" lyricist.

Among other things, Azealia Banks accused K. Michelle of getting illegal butt shots in hotel rooms and being a "fake Christian h**." "Lol! Not with that nig ol nasty dumpy fake butt looking like you s****** in a pamper b**** ! Ha !!!" she tweeted out.  Some of the comments were later deleted, but Banks did decide to keep up the one about K. Michelle allegedly reaching out to her for the tour in the first place.  Catch their exchange in the gallery.

Source: Twitter