Transgender actress Mia Isabella has remained rather mum on the allegations that she and rapper Tyga have had a sexual relationship throughout the years. Though neither have confirmed nor denied that the texts and photos were actually between the two of them, Tyga has since gotten the F.B.I. involved while Mia went on Instagram to address the situation once and for all, stating that she's been silent "out of respect for our secrets & futures." "I've held my tongue long enough," she wrote.

"The reality of the situation spoken on in the media is this - nobody knows the details of a relationship except the two involved," she began in her lengthy statement. "This is NOT the life I chose nor a position I wanted & I've given the other party the power to lead in this situation as rolemodels do but they've chosen to cower like a child." Without putting out names, Mia Isabella writes about her refusal to "continue to protect someone" she "once loved dearly." "If you can't hold me down for my loyalty I can't hold you down #MiaIsabella," she ended off.

She later decided to respond to one her supporters, reminding them she's "never been anybody's secret." Catch it all in the gallery.

Source: Instagram