Ghostface Killah has the hip-hop circuit in hysteria right now with his video calling out Action Bronson for biting his style and shading him on SportsNation. The Wu member threatened to gut him like a pig and warned him that if he kept it up he wouldn't make it past the Summer. Upon watching the clip, presumably, Bronson took to Twitter to address his "idol" once and for all, and it looks as if he wasn't trying to go head-to-head with the Killah in the first place.

"When ur wrong ur wrong and I was wrong...I'll always be a stand up human," Action Bronson tweeted out, including the fact that he apologized already. Ghostface hasn't responded to his latest statement of regret, but he has retweeted links to sites who put up Bronson's apology along with a tweet Nipsey Hussle, who agrees with Bronson that "wrong is wrong."

Do you think the two will ever call a truce? Check the tweets out in the gallery and decide.

Source: Twitter