Panorama City native Hopsin is known for his unique lyrical style just as much as he is for his distinctive look. Because he heavily uses multisyllabic words in his lyrics and has stated that a certain Detroit emcee has influenced him in the past, it's not hard to see why he still gets compared to Eminem on a regular basis, be it in a negative or positive manner. "I just usually judge people by the tone that they use when they say it," he discloses to us during the interview, further expressing that "it's all love either way."

As far as working with Slim Shady, Hopsin says it would be nice, but it's definitely not on his bucket list. "I can't just post a tweet like 'Ayo Em', give me a call bro.' Like, it doesn't work like that," he explains. "I enjoy people's music but I don't really try to mix our sound."

There was one man he would've enjoyed working with, however. Unfortunately for Hopsin, the guy he "really, really, really, really" loves is no longer with us. Find out who he wishes he had the chance to collaborate with and hear more about him being referred to as the Black Eminem above.