Police in Paramus, New Jersey are investigating whether Jersey spitter Fetty Wap was involved in an assault on a store clerk last week at a local ShopRite grocery store.

The victim told police that he believes the "Trap Queen" emcee was part of a group of people who roughed him up while he was working the checkout lane Friday evening. It reportedly all started after a woman in the group slapped the clerk over an insult he allegedly threw her way, and the other members of the group quickly joined in on attacking the clerk.

The 19-year-old employee believes one of the people in the group may have been Fetty, real name Willie Maxwell II, but he isn't sure.

While the victim declined to press charges, police are still working towards identifying the members of the group to get their side of the story, though store surveillance footage and a cellphone video obtained by TMZ aren't clear enough to ID any of the perpetrators.

"Maybe it looks like him," Police Chief Kenneth Ehrenberg said. "We can't go by, uh, it looks like him. We need more evidence than that."

Source: northjersey