While it seems like many people are speaking out against Bill Cosby following the comedian's confession to drugging women in a 2005 deposition coming to light, his alleged ex-mistress is defending Cosby. 

Teresa Taylor, who claims to have been Bill's mistress from 1979-1981, claims that the famed comedian didn't need to drug women in order to get them to sleep with him. She also added that Bill was very respectful towards her while they were dating, and he also financially took care of her during their relationship. 

"I respect the women and I can't dispute it but I don't believe a lot of it. He didn't need to do anything to get women to sleep with him. Women are attracted to men with money and power. At the time he was one of the most powerful men in Hollywood."

"He was so respectful towards me," Taylor said. "He never drugged me or offered me Quaaludes. I was young and he took care of me, sometimes financially. He was good to my family. My mom had pictures of Bill all over the house."

Taylor, who was 19 when she dated Cosby, said they parted ways on good terms and remained friends for years. 

Source: NY Post