Many people didn't take too kind to A$AP Rocky's belief that Atlanta rappers sound alike and "recycle the same lyrics." Yesterday Que of "OG Bobby Johnson" addressed the part of Rocky's interview where he was mentioned, calling him a "clown" in the process. "F*** u got my name in ya mouth for anyway," Que wrote. "The 1000+ mfs that's stealing Migos flow, rappin in triplets and u got the nerve to say my f***** name. Dub."

Earlier today after receiving backlash for his comments, A$AP Rocky put out a list of rappers that he listens to in the prominent rap city. "FUTURE. GUCCI. MIGOS. FATHER. KEY. MACO," he tweeted out along with others including 21 Savage, a friend of Que. 21 Savage then responded that him and Que are not "wit that d*** riding s***," as the two proceeded to threaten Rocky. "DNT TRY TO GET OUTTA HOT WATER NOW @asvpxrocky ITS ON SITE!" Que sent out.

Read the entire exchange in the gallery.

Source: Instagram|Twitter