For the past year a so it seems like rapper Tyga cannot catch a break. The 25-year old artist has been in the headlines constantly due to issues with his landlord and his alleged relationship with 17-year-old Kylie Jenner. Yesterday, Tyga was involved in a scandal involving a transgendered woman, a story his lawyer Lee Hutton claims is false.

Every so often rappers get caught up in mostly fabricated stories with transgender women claiming to have slept with them with the intent to become famous behind it. With stars like Caitlyn Jenner making the transgender debate a hot button topic, it made us here at VladTV reflect back to when rapper Chingy spoke on the false allegations made by go-go dancer Sidney Starr, a transgender woman who nearly ruined Chingy's career.

The story goes like this: Sidney Starr met Chingy backstage at his show in Chicago, and though the two did converse and take photos, both have since denied that it went any further than that - however, that wasn't the case at first. "I was definitely not in the right mindset at that time in my life," Sidney Starr admitted to us last year. After viewing Chingy's interview with VladTV about a month prior, Sidney learned that she damaged more than just his image when she did an interview stating that the two were an item. "There was so much bad publicity around that," Chingy recalled. The story caused him to lose a record deal, but Chingy ultimately decided not to hold a grudge, knowing that "what goes around comes back around." And that it did, as Sidney also lost gigs on "major shows." ""It happened to me too," she tells Chingy in her interview. "It bit me in the a**...I wish you the best, bro."

Revisit the scene above.