A man who robbed a bank in New York while sitting in a wheelchair was arrested early Friday morning, 7 Online reports.

Kelvin Dennison, 23, of Queens was caught on surveillance camera threatening a bank teller at Santander Bank on Monday. After threatening to shoot the teller, the suspect made off with $1200, using the handicapped exit to escape. Several pedestrians and local surveillance cameras were able identify the robber to the police. A local store owner thought the robbery was a prank, since it was done on a wheelchair and no one made an attempt to stop him.

"It's a little surprising," one area resident said. "I thought it was a joke at first until when I overheard all the police officers coming in, I realized it was something serious."

Dennison was charged with third-degree robbery and was give a $15,000 bail.

No one was injured in the bizarre bank robbery.

Source: 7 Online | Photo Credit: Screenshot