Harlem's ATLAH Missionary Church isn't widely known for it's community efforts but for it's anti-LGBT and offensive signs outside of the church.

Dr. James David Manning, the church's pastor has been vocal in the meaning of the signs and dismisses critics of the infamous marquee. Speaking out against protesters last month, Manning stated outcry about the signs has been unwanted since he isn't bothered when critics say inflammatory remarks to him.

"You can put something up about me and and I would not be offended," he said. "I promise, I won't sit here and argue with you. If you put up something that says "I'm an ex-con,' I wouldn't be offended."

He's also stood against the Supreme Court's decision to legalize marriages between LGBT couples. "The scotus has sealed the fate of sodomites to burn in hell. Demons now official US citizens," he posted on Facebook Friday.

When it comes to the church's signs, many have shared them over social media, standing up for the LGBT community and slamming the church's vocal standpoint. One sign, denouncing gentrification, found a way to tie in the gay community. "Many of these h**** moving into Harlem looking for some black meat," the sign read on one side. On the reverse, it said, "The h*** demons metastasized in Harlem restaurants possibly transmit sexual disease."

Another sign, blamed President Barack Obama's stance on gay marriage on men who are married but engaged in relationships with men. "Obama has released the h*** demons on the black man. Look out Black woman a white h*** may take your man."

Currently, Manning has stood with supporters of the Confederate flag like imperial grand wizard Cole Thornton of the Ku Klux Klan.

See more of ATLAH's signs in the gallery above.

Source: Huffington Post | Photo Credit: Instagram