Christ Bearer starts out his VladTV interview by speaking about his Wu-Tang affiliation and he explains that the West Coast Killa Beez were the first West Coast Wu-Tang affiliate to be signed by RZA. 

It wasn't long after his intro that the West Coast emcee was asked about a headline-grabbing incident that claimed he cut his penis off in an alleged suicide attempt. Christ Bearer explained that he doesn't consider the incident a suicide attempt, but he admitted to getting high on various drugs, including PCP. 

When asked about his drug use, the Northstar emcee explained that PCP use runs in his family and he admitted to using the drug since he was a teenager. The Wu-Tang affiliated rapper then explained that he started regularly using the powerful drug when he was in his 20s. 

Speaking more about the highly publicized incident, Christ Bearer explained that he was aggravated that he couldn't use a phone to speak to his estranged family, which set him off. He then said that he got the idea to give himself a vasectomy while he was high, and that's when things went all the way left. 

After deeply cutting his penis, Christ Bearer said that he had a "f**k the world" moment and he decided to jump off of a two-story balcony. The rapper then revealed that he didn't fully realize his mistake until months later, as he claims that he was high following the life changing incident. With that said, Christ Bearer said that he's proud of what he did, because he feels that no other man has done what he did. 

Check out more of what Christ Bearer had to say in the above clip.