Rapper Mopreme Shakur - son and nephew of Mutulu and Assata Shakur, respectively, hasn't been in contact with aunt throughout the majority of his life but stays in weekly contact with his father, both of who have been under the watchful eye of law enforcement for decades. "I haven't talked to her since I was a kid," Mopreme recalls.

"Now consider this," he began. "This is 2015. Law enforcement is off the m***********g chain - they're shooting young, Black males in the back, in the front [and] hopping on the cars and shoot[ing] them - just imagine how much worse the cops were [back then]." When it comes to his Aunt Assata's situation, he says "perception is everything."

"I was not there. I don't know exactly what happened but you have to take into consideration the times, the White supremacy [and] the power dynamic and sometimes, someone you think is guilty is innocent." As far as so many people "supported her position" by aiding and abetting a wanted fugitive, he says people back in her time "had a strong constitution. They were willing to go farther than - it seems - people are willing to go now to fight for what's right...It's just messed up."

When it comes to Mopreme's father Mutulu, he says "It's a real anxious time" for him and his family because "next April he'll be eligible to be free" under newer laws. "We're keeping our prayers up and staying positive," Mopreme states regarding Mutulu Shakur's 60-year sentence. Mutulu was captured and charged in Los Angeles, California back in 1986 for multiple homicides, bank robberies and "allegedly" helping Assata break out of prison. When asked how his father "allegedly" assisted in her escape, Mopreme says he did it "very skillfully, without a shot fired." "He's paid his debt to society," Mopreme expresses, adding that you don't see a lot of people like his father in this day and age.

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