Unbeknownst to some, aspiring rap artist Chet Haze has his share of haters. And according to him, one the bigger ones is Roc Nation's Vic Mensa, whose single "U Mad" with Kanye West has garnered tons of attention in recent weeks.

Before his Instagram page mysteriously disappeared last night, Tom Hank's son was ridiculed for his use of the n-word on social media, which was picked up by blogs nationwide. Vic Mensa even chimed in, calling him "a f***ing clown" under a post where he used said word. Chet caught wind of it after people praised Vic for speaking up, and decided to air out the reason why they have an apparent beef with one another.

"I already knew u was a hater when I saw u at that house party in Beverly Hills," Chet began, adding that Vic Mensa "was mad salty" when the girl Vic came with was all over him instead. "U ain't built like me lil boy," Chet went on to write. "Don't act like u don't remember!!"

Chet Haze also defended his use of the n-word last night in a video he shared to his page, stating that Hip-Hop isn't about race. "It's about the culture you identify with. And can't no one tell me what I can't say."

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