For years Chet Haze (son of Tom Hanks) has tried to make a way in the rap game but for some odd reason he always seems to fall short of big fame compared to his actor father. These days, he's not garnering attention for his rap skills, but more so for his inappropriate language on social media.

The 24-year-old has been getting slammed left and right for his constant use of the N-word, especially when referring to his African-American friends. Just a couple of days ago Chet shouted out @chillthatdude, referring to a song he and his "n**** just dropped" on Soundcloud. Yesterday he wrote "F*** yall hating a** n***** I'll never stop chasing my dream" to the fans who make fun of his shortcomings in the rap game.

Take a look at both posts in the gallery. Regardless of race, are some words ever okay to use? Sound off below.

Source: Complex