Safaree Samuels stepped into the spotlight as the man who encouraged and assisted Nicki Minaj with reaching her global stardom. The Brooklyn native recently chopped it up with VladTV to discuss his budding music career, his EP 'It Is What It Is,' and what he's doing to maintain a level of financial stability.

Safaree details a few of his business ventures outside of music, which include his part in the Beverly Hills restaurant Philippe Chow, and also speaks on what other thoughtful practices he uses to sustain and grow his financial wealth - such as leasing cars and avoiding jewelry purchases.

"I'm not being extra," reveals the laid-back rapper. "[The] things that I have, [are] stuff that I had already. I don't need a Phantom. I don't need a bunch of cars. I got my motorcycles. I got a car and a truck. It don't make no sense, like the car stuff and all of that, that be killing people," said SB in a reply to an inquiry about leasing versus owning a vehicle.  

As the convo progresses, SB offers, "Plus, I don't even really like to drive like that," before eventually adding, "it don't make no sense. You're spending all this money on exotics that you can only drive on a Saturday or Sunday."

Safaree closes out the clip by explaining the meaning of his moniker SB Stunts and what it means to stunt, "to me, it's just doing whatever makes you feel good," as opposed to trying to keep up with the Joneses.

Watch the clip to find out why SB doesn't make it rain in the cIub, and what truly motivates him to establish a respected name for himself in the realm of Hip Hop.