Even before she could speak clearly, Faith Evans has been singing. At the age of three she sang her first song in front of an audience, and ever since then she has dedicated her time and her talent to reinforcing her inherent gift. Recently, while visiting VladTV Faith spoke about what led up to her deal with Bad Boy.

Rooted in the church, Faith's beliefs coupled with her consistent drive worked to bring her dreams to fruition. She confidently states, "I always knew I was going to be a singer somewhere."

Singing at weddings, funerals, retirement parties and more, the budding artist's relentless work ethic would prepare her to perform well when Diddy unexpectedly invited her to sing on a track. 

"When I actually got offered a deal by Puff, to be honest, I was just there to take my daughter's dad to the studio," she reveals. "They were actually trying to get a song placed on Usher's album which Puff was executive producing at that time, Usher's first album. I wasn't even there in the capacity of looking for a record deal. They needed someone to sing one line and they knew that I could sing."

Check out the full video to see what led to her deal with Bad Boy.