UPDATE: In light of Ghostface Killah's latest video where he is coming after Action Bronson, we thought we'd reshare this VladTV exclusive where he admits to mistaking Bronson's voice for his own at times.

Upon seeing the threatening vid Ghostface posted today, Bronson has since apologized yet again, admitting that "wrong is wrong" and he is in fact, wrong.


While at the Spit 16 app launch, Ghostface Killah addressed comments that Action Bronson sounds a lot like him, and the Wu-Tang emcee admitted that there have been times when even he's confused Bronsolino's voice with his own. He shared that he even spoke to Bronson about the situation, and the "Mr. Wonderful" emcee was insistent that he wasn't trying to sound like anyone but himself. 

Speaking more on the situation, Ghostface says that "nobody can be me," and he's not looking at the comparisons as a competition. 

Check out more of what he had to say in the above clip.