The unabashed candor of Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs packs almost as much power as his proven punch. Recently, the heavyweight boxer stopped by VladTV to chop it up about how his humble childhood helped him transition to the heavyweight boxer with the most knock outs.

Although Briggs was an asthmatic child who arose from a financially humble home, he emphatically told his mother that if she invested into his future by purchasing him the necessary gear, that he would become successful. He recalls telling his mother, "If I get these boxing boots I'll make it in boxing." 

Before relenting to his request, Shannon's supportive mother advised him, "'Well, if I buy you these boxing boots you'll have to get in there and knock them out fast, because they're bigger than you and you can't breath after the second or their round.'" Shannon promised her that he'd knock them out in the first round.

Soon, Shannon began reinforcing his fateful words with his actions and has since become the professional heavyweight boxer with the most knockouts. Be sure to watch the clip in its entirety to see everything he has to say.