Young Thug has been bombarded with gay rumors since jumping in the spotlight, and his fiancee Jerrika addressed the trash talking during an exclusive interview with VladTV. 

The stunning swimsuit designer told us that there is no way that her fiance is gay, and adds that it's insulting when people ask her about Young Thug being homosexual. When it comes to Young Thug's thoughts on the situation, Jerrika says that they both sit back and laugh at all the wild things people say online. 

During the conversation Jerrika also pointed out that plenty of rock stars wear nail polish, wear tight pants - and questioning their sexuality doesn't seem to come into question when millions are buying their records. She added that people only have a problem with the situation when it comes to a Black man doing it. 

Do you agree? 

Check out more of what Jerrika had to say on the situation above.