A federal court judge presiding over Jas Prince's lawsuit against Cash Money has dismissed the case, as shown in documents obtained by the Jasmine Brand.

Last year, Jas Prince filed a lawsuit claiming that back in 2007 his company, Young Empire Music Group, originally discovered Drake and would eventually sign him to Aspire Music Group.

When Cash Money approached them with the desire to sign Drake, Jas Prince agreed, but with the stipulation that 22% of all Drake's advances, net profits and other advances would be paid to Prince and to his company.

However, back in November of 2013 he realized that he was still owed $5M, and after confronting Cash Money he was only paid one million dollars. After that initial payment, Prince claims he never received any further financial compensation, and he filed suit seeking the remaining $4M balance.

As the lawsuit intensified in October of 2014, Cash Money fired back alleging that when Drizzy was signed, they agreed to pay Aspire Music Group the percentages of the lyricist's profits, not Jas Prince or his company, Young Empire Music Group.

In addition, CMR claimed that since they never entered into a contract with Jas Prince they don't owe him anything, and that Jas is unjustly using the court's time as a way to collect on another lawsuit that he filed against the label. They in turn demanded the bogus lawsuit be dismissed since they pay out their royalties to Aspire.

Last Friday (May 8), the judge returned his decision, ruling that the signed deal excluded Jas and his music company, but it did include Aspire. Therefore, the federal court judge agreed to dismiss the lawsuit against Cash Money.

You can view the documents here.

Source: TheJasmineBrand