Recently while in Houston speaking with 97.9's The Box, 50 Cent discussed an array of topics, including his previous beefs with both Diddy and Game.

The Queens rapper, known for his witty and often salacious jabs at his competition, was prodded by the hosts to speak on the latest keyboard quarrel between Game and Young Thug. Although Fif didn't really have an opinion on that fleeting Instagram battle, he did refer to the former G-Unit rapper as someone whose career is now "reality television," and whose first dope records were actually the work of 50.

Moving on, the topic of his relationship with Diddy came up in conversation. "The competitive nature of Hip-Hop is gonna create altercations, over and over," said 50, and perhaps that's why he's had several heated exchanges with Diddy. 50 Cent then went on to proclaim that he actually used to ghostwrite for Diddy.

"I wrote records for him in the past. One didn't come out," offered 50 before adding, "Puff thinks working on a record -- the more you work on it -- is making it better." 50's next cantankerous comment included, "When you get so old you can't really feel what's going on no more, you'll be like, 'Come on let's keep working on it.'"

What are your thoughts on 50 Cent claiming he helped write for Game and Diddy? Sound off below.

Source: 97.9 The BoxHipHopEarly