Just when the dust was starting to settle from the infamous beef between Blac Chyna, Kylie Jenner and Tyga, Chyna's mother has stepped in to set the record straight about her daughter.

Shalana Hunter took to Instagram on Sunday after hearing Kim Kardashian's friend Jonathan Cheban speaking on Chyna and Amber Rose's alleged harsh bullying of Kylie for dating Tyga. She also slammed comments from Tyga 's grandmother, who recently called the Kardashian family educated and better than Chyna.

Hunter posted her first response to the criticism with a critical review of the Kardashians herself. One by one, the mother slammed Khloe for dating French Montana, Kim for her infamous sextape, Kourtney for having three kids out of wedlock with Scott Disick, and momager Kris Jenner for her choices in men.

She continued to praise her daughter and defended her life choices.

"Chyna is SELF MADE!!!! No one gave her s***!!!!" she said. "She been this way all her life!!! #take a note (Graduated and went to college") bloomed into a real woman/ mother!! @ no on have her s**!!! not me!! not Tyga !! She worked her A** OFF !!!! And still is!! Raising a son and is a great mom!!! She is an Angel and I be damned if I am letting this go unsaid "SHE IS SELF MADE"@entrepreneur !! Call me her MOM" I am her mom and NO ONE WILL DISRESPECT HER and think I ain't going to say Nothing! Chyna is reserved and chilled " IM NOT" and can care less about these fluke " Money grubbing" b*****!! If Kylie didn't do her lips a** tits etc!! TYGA BE WITH HER SISTER on the low!!"

Check out the rest Hunter's take-down of the family above.

Source: Instagram