In this exclusive interview with VladTV, Project Pat recalls one of his craziest moments with Three Six Mafia that involved strippers, jealous boyfriends, and the police.

The rapper explains how he, Juicy J and DJ Paul were in Nashville, Tennessee with their entourage having a good time. From mingling with the Ruff Ryders crew, to the beautiful women on their arms, things were looking good for the rapper. After making a cameo in a video for DMX, Pat decided to leave his hotel for a moment. The rapper said he returned to find a plethora of cops and squad cars looking for the group.

While he was gone, DJ Paul was confronted by the alleged ex of the woman he was with. Shortly after there was a scuffle between both entourages, and the blame was completely put on the Hip Hop trio, hence the massive amount of police.

Check out how the story ends in the interview above.