The media frenzy surrounding Kylie Jenner is at all-time high, as everything from her relationship to Tyga, and her lips has been heavily scrutinized. The 17 year-old reality star took to Twitter to let off some steam, and also address some of those buzzing rumors, one of which includes some chatter about her failing school, as well as a SnapChat video where she supposedly said, "I'm high as f**k."

In a response to the video, she says, "I did a snapchat saying my chicken was "good as f*ck" eating Popeyes for the 1st time and apparently people think I said high as f*ck' she added 'I DID NOT say that.'"

The reality star also sounded off about folks who've claimed she's failing school, saying, "I do school every weekday :) again don't believe everything you read. Sorry to disappoint everyone who thinks I'm this wild child. The media is mean & I try not to look @ it. So sorry 4 the late statement."

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Source: Twitter| IFWT