While rappers have publicly lashed out about their dismay with Iggy Azalea and Macklemore's place within Hip Hop's culture, there's also a heap of artists who've taken a liking to both artists, and one of these individuals happens to Rap vet, Snoop Dogg.

In preparation of his forthcoming thirteenth album, Bush, Snoop sat down with the New York Times to discuss his latest opus, his take on 'suburban Hip Hop' and much more.

Similar to his 'Reincarnated' record, which dibbled and dabbled into reggae territory, the West Coast veteran is also experimenting on 'Bush,' going for a rather unconventional formula, as he's attempting to sing on various tracks. He says, "There's a void for that style of music." "I think if rap never came out, I'd have been a R&B singer. "I would have been like Rick James, though an edgy renegade. That's what stops me from making records," he continues. "Otherwise, I'd make one every year."

Despite his previous beef with Australian born rapper Iggy Azalea, he admits that two are in a good space now, and that T.I. played a major role in settling their differences. When he was asked about Iggy and Macklemore, as well as his take on 'suburban Hip Hop', he states, "Rap is supposed to grow." "One thing about Iggy and Macklemore: They got soul. They're inspired by Hip Hop. I don't care how you're gonna take it to your people and flip it and dip it and serve it."

How do you feel about Iggy and Macklemore's place in Hip Hop, and more importantly, OG Maco's 'black exploitation' comments in our latest interview. 

Source: HipHopDX