Things have been looking up for Chris Brown after he dodged a battery charge a couple of days ago. Now all he has to do is keep out of trouble and stay leveled -- but according to a video that surfaced of him partying during his birthday bash, it doesn't seem as if he can do the latter.

Yesterday Chris had a huge birthday event at Drai's in Las Vegas where he celebrated with fans and his celebrity friends, including Mr. 48-0 Floyd Mayweather and two-thirds of the Migos. Several videos spread like wildfire on social media today showing Chris Brown dancing and passing out bottles of Ace of Spades to guests, but one video in particular shows off Chris' latest move that had him extremely up close and personal with the attendees.

In the clip the singer/dancer spun around on the stage, and then continued to do so until he fell into the crowd. Still in a positive mood, Brown laughs it off while getting picked up by his security. Check it out for yourself above.

Source: Youtube