OG Maco is really getting tired of the "U Guessed It" references. The Atlanta native tells VladTV in this exclusive interview that now he's just waiting "on the world to stop being so stupid" and listen to his other tracks so they can see that he's more than just a one-hit wonder.

The majority of the world was put on to OG Maco when he released the breakout track last year, but the "F***em3" rapper states that "not too many" people are aware of the six mixtapes he released before that. "People keep asking me what's my next hit song [and] it's like, 85 of them on my f***ing Soundcloud," says a perturbed Maco. "['U Guessed It'] is great record for people to feel, but musically it's trash" with "a s*** beat." OG Maco feels his "amazing a** music" "speaks for itself," and doesn't even look to artists on the rise like himself for competition. "I'm competing with 'Ye, Drake and Kendrick," he states.

Press play to hear his disgust towards the "idiots" who couldn't identify Rick Rubin in a photo lineup and find out which music insiders are already praising his upcoming album above.