Daz Dillinger sat down and spoke on his partner in rhyme Kurupt's epic VladTV interview where he passionately defended fellow West Coast wordsmith, Kendrick Lamar. Daz says he agreed with Kurupt's point of view while also thinking he was probably "buzzed" during the interview.

He also spoke on the East Coast vs. West Coast beef of the mid '90s, saying he believes the media blew things out of proportion, as he and Tha Dogg Pound were fans of New York rap. He confirmed that "New York, New York" was intended as a tribute to the city, but after being shot at while in the city, things changed.

Daz also spoke on his relationship with Biggie, saying they were good friends and hung out whenever Big was in Cali. He also reveals that he has two songs with the fallen spitter that have yet to be released. He also recalls, however, that Biggie may have encouraged New Yorkers to attack Tha Dogg Pound over the Hot 97 airwaves when they were visiting Brooklyn to shoot a video.