Karrine Steffans had an understandably difficult life as a teenager after being kidnapped twice during her formative years, and the famed author opened up about her difficult experiences with VladTV.

The former video vixen explained that the first kidnapping happened after her mother let her leave the house unsupervised for the first time with a friend. Karrine said that she and a friend went to the mall where they met up with some adult men that her friend knew, and the men ended up taking and keeping them in a hotel for three days.

Karrine was only thirteen at the time, and revealed that she sadly lost her virginity after being raped over the course of three days by one of the men.

After making a heroic escape, Karrine admitted that she was too afraid to tell her mother what happened after being beaten upon arriving home. It would be a year before the "Confessions of a Video Vixen" author would tell a school police officer, but Karrine doesn't know if the man who raped her was ever charged. 

As if the first experience wasn't tragic enough, Karrine spoke about a second kidnapping that involved her attacker putting a gun in her mouth and pulling the trigger. 

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