According to the New York Daily News, Jim Boggess hung up a "White History Month" sign in March to commemorate white heritage in his deli located in Flemington, N.J. Following Black History Month, the photo caused a firestorm on social media. While the sign was taken down in four days, Boggess says grave damage was done and now he's forced to close his store.

"Yes, you guys are right, the store wasn't doing good before the sign was posted," he said on his new GoFundMe page. "But it was doing good enough to keep the store open. After the sign was posted I started only ringing up 23 to 40. Dollars a day . Couldn't pay March's rent or utilities, then April came and I didn't have the money for April either. I barely rang enough money to purchase things to sell like eggs coffee and rolls . Then I got my eviction letter and shut off notices, so sorry if you don't understand my situation."

So far, Boggess has been able to raise over $500 in donations, but it isn't enough to cover his debt.

The former business owner is hoping to find another job soon. He also says his ode to his whiteness has caused him to lose his American dream.

"I don't think I deserve this because I wanted to be proud of being white and be able to celebrate my heritage like everyone else does." he said.

Check out his pleas for help above.

Source: NY Daily News | Photo Credit: Screenshot