While anyone who watches Love and Hip Hop knows that Cyn Santana and Erica Mena didn't split on the best of terms, it seems that now the rest of the world knows it too, as Mena called out Cyn for poking fun at her living situation with fiance, Shad "Bow Wow" Moss.

Mena and Bow live with the rapper/actor's mother and when one fan asked Santana via Twitter her thoughts, she responded, "Poor Mom." Mena caught wind of the small jab and shot back saying Santana's mother is the real "Poor Mom" because she shares a bedroom with all of Cyn's siblings. Cyn then blasted Mena, saying she used to sleep in that bedroom too when she was homeless, and of course Erica denied the accusation.

See their back and forth and pictures of the formerly happy couple above.

Source: Twitter