Recently, Philadelphia's Meek Mill revealed that he was duped at the hands of high-end car dealership EuroSports. According to the "Dreams And Nightmares" MC he purchased sports cars from the company only to find out the luxury vehicles possessed salvaged titles, indicating that they had been in previous wrecks. 

The outspoken wordsmith aired out the company via his personal IG page, declaring, "Make sure you never by no cars from #eurosports selling expensive cars with salvaged tittles and lemons..... Make sure you never spend Ya money with them they thieves!!!!"

Outraged over the perceived betrayal, Meek continued, naming the dealer who sold him the cars, "If you ever been scammed by them #repost I started out buying cars from this lil bullsh*t as* lot!!! #eurosport #bullsh*tcars #f**kgeno he a scam artist!"

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Source: Instagram