Yesterday, California's Real 92.3 host Big Boy spoke with gifted singer and actress, Christina Milian. The crux of the clip details her romantic involvement with Lil Wayne.

The "Dip It Low" diva touches on her interactions with the Young Money general, saying that while they've been spotted out in public holding hands, there are plenty of other encounters where they've eluded the paparazzi's prying eyes.

Soon, the expert questions from Big Boy work to elicit authentic answers from Milian when it's suggested that she and Weezy are in fact dating. Big Boy referring to Lil Wayne as her "boyfriend" elicits giggles but no denial from Milian.

As she becomes completely flustered and turns red, Milian expresses her truth and blurts out, "I love him."

It looks like Ms. Milian could have some healthy competition in Karrine Steffans, who recently told VladTV she won't stop seeing Lil Wayne for anyone.

Watch the full clip to see if the ring she's wearing actually symbolizes a lifelong commitment to Lil Wayne.

Source: BigBoyTV