There's no surprise that Kendrick idolizes the late Tupac Shakur through his music, but he also pays homage to him in his latest video, "King Kunta." In an interview with Complex, the director of the rapper's latest visual explains the importance of some of the video's memorable scenes.

Director X, best known for his cinematic styles behind the videos of Jay Z, Usher and Kanye West, says Kendrick worked close with him for two days to make sure the video was perfect. He also says he wanted to fulfill Kendrick's wish of making the "King Kunta" visual organic as possible.

"From what I understand they went in wanting to recreate the "Still D.R.E." video, which is like a trademark for West Coast visuals," he said. "The guys are all friends. The girls [in the backseat were] cast, but with the neighborhood in mind. It's a hood video. We wanted girls who looked like they belong, girls that look good but not straight-up models, real girls. And as you saw those girls are definitely thick, definitely have a few moves."

He also says it was Kendrick's idea to film in front of the now-closed Compton Swap Meet. The moment was special to the rapper since he once saw Tupac when he was a kid at the store.

"I'd heard [the story about a young Kendrick seeing 'Pac at the swap meet], but I don't know anything definitively. We went there really just to keep with the West vibe. I mean we knew that Wal-Mart bought it, but once we got there and saw it's actually closed, it became this kind of big going away party."

The video officially premiered in Times Square, courtesy of Beats By Dre on Wednesday. Check out the video here.

Source: Complex | Photo Credit: Screenshot