Love & Hip-Hop: New York's Peter Gunz recently sat down with VladTV and spoke on, among other things, his son Cory Gunz being signed to Young Money.

While discussing his son's career, Peter points out that Cory has been with Young Money for "about three years." He then conveys his surprise that Cory got signed in the first place, as Peter is responsible for leaking Weezy's hit song "A Milli."

Peter contends, 'Cory did A Milli' with Wayne and them early. And because I felt like Cory wasn't going to be on the record when it came out I told Rich [Dollaz] to leak the record." He goes on, "I thought Wayne and them was going to hold that against Cory for the rest of his life. Which they didn't, they ended up signing him after that."

Although Peter questions some of his actions, he is at peace with how things have turned out for Cory. Peter praises his son's artistic evolution, saying, "he has matured so much and his album is so ridiculous. I hope he gets his just due."

The conversation then focuses on the the precarious financial situation at Young Money between Baby and Lil Wayne, and Wayne's effort to leave the label. Peter claims, "Wherever Wayne lands I'm confident that Cory will be with him."

Check out the full clip and leave your comments below. Was Peter's action of leaking "A Milli" justified to help get Cory some shine?