Whether known as Crooked I, KXNG CROOKED, or that dope emcee from Slaughterhouse, the Long Beach spitter always speaks the truth. Recently Crooked I chatted with VladTV about his provocative Twitter comments regarding Hip-Hop rappers who hide their 'down low' activities.

Honesty envelopes his sentiment as the conversation commences with Crooked maintaining that it's not a big deal at this point. "If you're gay then you're just a gay guy," he says. He supplements his argument by adding that many entertainment professionals, like David Geffen for example, have come out of the closet and openly live their lives.

Speaking further on alleged Hip-Hop homosexuals, KXNG says, "Everybody knows the gay rappers. Or they have their opinions on who's gay." He goes on to challenge his closeted peers to come out claiming, "If you're a gay rapper it's not that important to hide it. It's more important that you say it."

Crooked I then asserts that in music, Hip-Hop is considered the final frontier of masculinity, and an insightful correlation is made between Hip-Hop and the testosterone-fueled sports of football and boxing. Crooked questions, "If football is one of the final frontiers of masculinity of sports and you have guys coming out, why not in Hip-Hop?" 

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