The much-talked about video of Suge Knight running over two men has just been released, and it's sure to cause a stir.

The footage shows Suge pulling into the Tam's Burgers parking lot in Compton, where Dr. Dre was filming footage related to the upcoming NWA biopic. Knight was reportedly kicked out of a another set location just 20 minutes before the accident, and went to make peace with Dre while discussing his portrayal in the film. Unfortunately, things didn't go as smoothly as he'd hoped.

Footage shows Cle "Bone" Sloan approach the car and appear to argue with Suge through his driver side window. Suge then backs up, knocking down Sloan, and proceeds to take off, running over both Sloan and friend Terry Carter, who was killed.

Suge claims he didn't intend to run over either of them, but was trying to escape to save his own life. Knight's lawyer claims Sloan and Carter had guns, and a young man is seen removing something from Sloan's person as he lie on the ground and tuck it into his waistband.

Law enforcement is arguing that if Suge wanted to get away, he could've just driven straight instead of turning back into the parking lot and hitting Terry. Suge claims, however, he feared he'd be shot at if he drove straight because more affiliates of Bone were waiting down the block, too far off for the camera to see but close enough to do damage.

The Carter family encouraged TMZ to drop the footage, saying, "The Carter family is pleased you are releasing the video so the public can see what actually occurred and not be forced to speculate based on third party descriptions of the video."

See the accident for yourself above.

Source: TMZ