On Friday, VladTV received exclusive information on why Steve Francis' chain was snatched.

Last weekend during a performance at Houston's Warehouse Live, Steve Francis' chain was roughly snatched. What precipitated the robbery was perhaps a bruised ego. A source connected to the group the Sauce Factory claims Francis attempted to go on stage, but group member Sosa Mann blocked the former NBA baller's attempt, telling him there wasn't enough room. A heated argument ensued after Houston emcee 5th Ward JP tried to diffuse the situation, and things escalated from there.

The insider goes on to share, "Steve Francis is doing better now, but that day he got a pretty good thrashing."

After Steve walked off, a random dude affiliated with the entourage grabbed his chain, and the tipster describes that it "was like sharks and piranhas on prey." The former Houston Rocket was described to have been dragged by his chain and beat up.

The inside man credits J. Prince's earned respect to have helped recover the chain, "J. Prince made sure that good news beat Steve Francis home," explaining that the liberated chain was quickly returned to Francis before he made it home.

Our inside connect goes on about J. Prince, adding, "He's the Godfather of Southern Hip-Hop for one. And he's one of the most influential figures in the street world and in the Hip-Hop world. He's kinda the judge, the jury, and the prosecutor when it comes to the streets."