Mob Wives star Natalie Guercio sat down with VladTV and explained exactly what happened the night her boyfriend, London, was attacked in the club. According to Guercio, she and London went to the club to check out a DJ when less than an hour into the night, a man sliced his face with a box cutter. She also claims London eventually took control during the fight, and held the man for security, as he intended to press charges. According to Natalie, however, the guard let him go, with one of them laughing as they released him.

They're still pressing charges against the individual, and have been met with criticism, being called snitches for pursuing it further, with Natalie responding that there's a difference between snitching and doing the right thing. She also reveals that her brother is a cop and she feels there's only a small percentage of crooked cops out there, but those few spoil the public's opinion of cops in general.  

Peep the full clip above.