O.T. Genasis described the unreal scene he witnessed at Leonardo DiCaprio's 40th birthday party during a recent sit-down with VladTV.

"That sh*t was crazy -- I want some sh*t like that!" summed up the Long Beach emcee. "Never seen nothing like it. Never in my life -- not ever in my life." Revealing that he accompanied Busta Rhymes to the party, O.T. proceeded to recount the insane experience.

The first thing he noticed was people handing Leo birthday checks for hundreds of thousands of dollars each. "One guy, he was from Texas, he got on stage and was like 'Tell the waiter to come here, I'm spending $300,000 on bottles,' so we got the big-ass Magnum bottles," O.T. recalls. After the big spender challenged someone to beat the amount, O.T. says a couple of dudes took the stage and announced they were going to spend $1 million on booze.

As for the women at the party, O.T. says "it looked like a Victoria's Secret magazine."

Check out the clip up top for more from O.T. about Leo's wild birthday party.