The Rej3ctz sat down with VladTV and revealed how they first got started, discuss the success of "Cat Daddy," and why their label deal with producer Seven Aurelius resulted in a lawsuit to void their contracts.

Mowii used the leverage and experience he gained to help get the group out there, as they were already boys and knew they had the talent to become something bigger. They crafted their signature track "Cat Daddy" in 2 days, which they say is much longer than it usually takes them. While Bounce & Pee Wee weren't certain it would be a hit, Mowii had faith and together the group pushed the record until they had the city on lock.

Unfortunately, soon after the song took off, they began experiencing issues with their label head, Seven Aurelius, eventually getting so bad that they felt the need to sue in order to break their contracts.

Hear the group explain the situation themselves above.