R&B singer RL Huggar addressed a host of topics during a recent chat with VladTV, including being kicked out of the group Next, his current group WQRL, beefing with other R&B artists and more.

The Minneapolis native broke down what happened with Next, saying the group had an offer on the table, but Huggar didn't feel like they were at a point where they should take it. Soon after, he started seeing advertisements for Next shows that didn't include himself. Huggar admits he always felt like a bit of an outsider in Next, as the group was started by two brothers.

Moving on, RL explained that WQRL came about because the members are all friends. "You're around people that you like to be around, and it doesn't feel forced; it's like friendship, and I think that's how it came about," he added.

RL then addressed the minor altercation that went down between himself Jagged Edge's Kyle at a birthday party a few years ago, saying the beef was more funny than anything else, and stemmed from an issue that went back years involving women.

Check out the clip up top to hear RL elaborate further on beefs in R&B.