Mariah Carey's net worth is valued somewhere around the $550 million mark, so obviously if she really wanted to lend a helping hand to just about anyone, she most certainly could. Her older sister Alison Carey is hoping the superstar singer will do just that, as she told Star Magazine that she's been trying to contact Mariah for the last four years and that she couldn't even afford to buy her two teenage children, Mariah's niece and nephew, presents this past Christmas.

"Decisions I've made in my life have hurt my children. They had no tree or presents for Christmas. We don't have enough food. I haven't been able to pay the rent this month. I can't buy my daughter, who's on her school's honors list, the clothes she needs — not wants, needs."

When asked if asking her younger sister for help was difficult, Alison said it's surely easier than having to seek church assistance who often can't provide it either. She does want to be clear, however, that it's not all about the money. She misses her sister and wants Mariah to be a part of her niece and nephew's life.

"I don't want Mariah to think I only want her for her money, like everyone else does. I want her to love me again. I want her to be my sister again. There's been a lot of water under the bridge. I've done things that were wrong. She's done things that were wrong. But I've reached out to her many, many times through the years in every way I could think of to try and ask for her forgiveness and see if we could start over. We are the only sisters each of us will ever have."

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Source: Star Magazine