The list of Oscar nominations was released today, January 15th, and the result has raised many eyebrows due to the fact that the only people who stand a chance at winning an award in the acting categories are all White.

This year, the Academy nominated only White actors, actresses, and film directors.  Amid all of the social and racial tensions that have carried over from 2014 due to the many instances where police have acted out examples of extreme violence against various Black men, the apparent neglect of individuals of Black, Hispanic, Asian, or other ethnic decent by the Academy has come across as quite alarming.  

As a result, the hashtag "#OscarsSoWhite" has taken over Twitter for a large portion of the day, and become one of the top trending topics on the social media site.  People not only pointed out that all of the nominees are White, but also noted that Black people who have been nominated or actually won the award in the past have all been actors and actresses who have played either a slave, general servant, or a character with deep-rooted and disturbed personal issues.  As is customary with Twitter trends, a vast variety of jokes were created based around this hashtag, while others chose to comment seriously about the lack of diversity being recognized by the Academy for 2015.

Check out some of the many reactions to #OscarsSoWhite above.  What do you think about the Academy only nominating White people involved with various roles in filmmaking?

Source: Twitter