Karrine Steffans has a well documented history with several rappers, but her relationship with Lil Wayne was also thought to be something more than just late night trysts. The two were rumored to be a serious couple for a while, and while they eventually went their separate ways, they remained in contact and have made several references to each other over the years.

Weezy's reported new girl, Christina Milian, has all but admitted that the two of them have something going on, and have been seen everywhere from red carpets to restaurants to award shows together. She also recently made the "Believe Me" rapper her "Man Crush Monday," which some took as her subtle way of claiming him for herself.

Steffans took to Instagram to call out Milian for marking Weezy as her own, calling her a "little girl" while saying a woman should never claim a man who belongs to the world. The image attached was a picture of "Wayne" street, making it clear just who this "little girl" was she was referencing.

Check out the post and images of both Karrine and Christina above. Who would you rather rock out with? Sound off below.

Source: Instagram